TIA 2012 Schedule

Thursday, April 26th, 6:00-8:30pm

6:00 – 6:30pm | Opening Reception (Crystal Room, Alumnae Hall)

6:30 – 7:00pm | Faculty Keynote Speech by Amy Remensnyder, Associate Professor of History.  “Making Your Work Matter”  (Crystal Room, Alumnae Hall)

7:15 – 8:30pm | Opening Panel Presentations

Conflict Response, Negotiation, and Transformation – From the Global to the Individual (Smith-Buonnano G13) | Facilitator: Shane Lloyd, Assistant Director for First and Second Year Programs, Third World Center

  1. Cindy LungHealth Caring Men: Male Veterans’ Coping with the Psychological Effects of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Adviser: R. Tyson Smith
  2. Alina Kung, Lan Mei, Qian Yin – Strait Talk: Transforming the Taiwan Strait Conflict through Youth Advocacy and Conflict Resolution.
  3. Sarah Wilbanks“Cherry-Picked” Humanitarian Interventions: A Complexity Approach to Explaining Libya 2011Adviser: Catherine Lutz
  4. Jonah Fisher – Interfaith Exchange: Stepping Beyond Dialogue and into Social Action to Transform Interfaith High School Education. Adviser: Janet Cooper-Nelson

Channels of Choice: Do We Have a Say in Representation? (Smith-Buonnano 201) | Facilitator: Gail Cohee, Director, Sarah Doyle Women’s Center

  1. Reuben Henriques – The Jury Box and the Ballot Box: Mandatory Participation, Democracy, and the Liberal Citizen. Adviser: David Estlund
  2. Leor Shtull-Leber – From Scholarship to Sales: Sounds, Meaning, and Memory in Branding Linguistics. Adviser: Laura Kertz
  3. Tyler J. Rogers – Gender, Race, and Reality Television: Discourses of Sisterhood on “Braxton Family Values”. Adviser: Tamar Katz
  4. Sam Karshenboym – Does Television Change Attitudes?: A “Breaking Bad” and “Weeds” Study. Adviser: R. Tyson Smith

Friday, April 27th, 1:00-3:45pm

1:00 – 2:15pm | Panel Presentations

Confined: Bodies and Selves (J. Walter Wilson 501) | Facilitator: Kisa Takesue, Director, Student Activities Office & Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center  THIS PRESENTATION HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, APRIL 28 @ 1:00-2:15PM IN PETTERUTI LOUNGE

Look Again (J. Walter Wilson 503) | Facilitator: Jim Amspacher, Career Advisor, Center for Careers & Life After Brown

  1. Arianna Ahiagbe – ADHD, Injury, & the Effect of Medication Adherence in Children. Adviser: Dr Bruce Becker
  2. Gabriella Ferrari – A beautiful tool of power: Ancient Greek and Roman art in public collections. Adviser: Lisa Mignone
  3. Beth Caldwell – The Financial Frontier: Slave Mortgaging and the Creation of the Deep South. Adviser: Seth Rockman

2:30 – 3:45pm | Panel Presentations

The Intimacy of Repression (Salomon 202) | Facilitator: Jim Amspacher, Career Advisor, Center for Careers & Life After Brown

  1. Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn – Guatemala was Spanish for Palestine: Israeli Social Engineering in the Guatemalan Dictatorship. Adviser: Naoko Shibusawa
  2. Yuri Tomikawa – Working Mothers, Childrearing Fathers: Implications of Family Policies on Gender Roles in Japan. Adviser: Kerry Smith
  3. Sabrina Skau – Friendship as a Way of Life: Online Fan Communities and Queer Everyday Resistance. Adviser: Catherine Lutz
  4. Quyen Ngo – Between Innocence and Dissidence: Multimedia explorations of the politics of everyday life in contemporary Vietnam. Sponsor: Konstantinos Kometis

Telling a True Story:  On Stage and in Research (Salomon 203) | Facilitator: Alan Flam, Director, Advising & Community Collaborations, Swearer Center

  1. Kara Kaufman – The Role of Judaism in the Environmental Movement. Adviser: Caroline Karp
  2. Alexandra Keegan – Reflecting on Dead City (a modern riff on Joyce’s Ulysses): A Narrative of Female Connection. Adviser: Kym Moore
  3. Colleen McDonald”It’s a human tragedy and these bastards who are bringing these boatpeople should be shot”: Framing people smugglers in Australian news media. Adviser: Cornel Ban

Saturday, April 28th, 11:30am-7:30pm

11:30am – 12:45pm | Panel Presentations

Living Structure (Salomon 202) | Facilitator: Gail Cohee, Director, Sarah Doyle Women’s Center

  1. Amalia Gonzalez, Josh Jubelirer – A Path to Better Health: Navigating Structural Barriers to Improve Well-being. Adviser: Alan Flam
  2. Shay O’Brien – Cause I don’t wanna put it on anyone else: Negotiating feminist language ideologies in the Female Sexuality Workshop. Adviser: Paja Faudree
  3. Julia Sheehy-Chan – Government Strategy Behind Religious Conflict: Explaining Violence Against Christians in Egypt and Jordan. Adviser: Claudia Elliott

Conceptualizing Boundaries and Transcending Borders (Salomon 203) | Facilitator: Nukhet Sandal, Postdoctoral Fellow, Watson Institute for International Studies

  1. Tara Prendergast, Jesse McGleughlin  – Bridging borders: Relationships as Social Justice. Adviser: Alan Flam
  2. Vasundhara Prasad – The Problem “In” Kashmir, The Problem “Of” Kashmir: Tracing the 60 Year Old Conflict in the Indian Subcontinent and Its Implications for Regional and Global Security.  Adviser: Minh Luong
  3. Kara White – Getting Closer to the Feline Gaze in Human-Cat Relations. Adviser: Nicholas Townsend

1:00 – 2:15pm | Panel Presentations

Identity, Community, Change (Salomon 202)Facilitator: Janet Isserlis, Lecturer & Program Manager, Swearer Center for Public Service

  1. Veronica Clarkson – “Say Cheese!”: Viability of heritage-based agricultural cluster economies in promoting rural development and resilient systems in the United States. Adviser: Kathryn De Master
  2. Marie Ripa, Clay Thibodeaux – $ocial Classmates: the Other Way of Looking at Money Matters at Brown. Adviser: Shane Lloyd
  3. Leland Lazarus – Chino-Latino: Navigating Chinese Identity in Latin America. Adviser: Barbara Stallings

Practice in Context (Salomon 203) | Facilitator: David Blanding, Graduate Student, Political Science

  1. Kirstin Purtich – Conserving the Art Object at the RISD Museum: Principles and Execution. Adviser: Steven Lubar
  2. Chahney Hinds – Education in the Virgin Islands: Purpose, Practice, Progress. Adviser: Deborah Rivas

Confined: Bodies and Selves (Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center) | Facilitator: Kisa Takesue, Director, Student Activities Office & Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center

  1. Blair McNamara – Hepatitis C and Incarcerated Young Adults. Adviser: Deborah Fran Weinstein
  2. Natalia Fadul – The Female Mind and the Absent Body: Writing Female Subjectivity. Adviser: Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
  3. Jessica Bendit – I See You: Facilitating Creative Arts in Prison. Adviser: Janet Isserlis

2:30 – 3:45pm | Panel Presentations

The Politics of Labeling (Salomon 202) | Facilitator: Alan Flam, Director, Advising & Community Collaborations, Swearer Center for Public Service
  1. Juan J. Martinez-Hill, Bobby Hunter, Catherine Carbone – Adult Education with “Marginalized” Communities. Adviser: Alan Flam
  2. Ann Crawford-Roberts – Visible & Invisible with HIV/AIDS: Stigma Symbols in Botswana. Adviser: Bianca Dahl
  3. Catherine Mardula – Virtue Survives Death: Uncovering 16th- and 17th-Century Women from Their Epitaphs. Adviser: John Bodel

Living Memory/Constructing the Past (Salomon 203) | Facilitator: Katrin Dettmer, Graduate Student, German Studies

  1. Gili Kliger, Nicole Friedman – In Conversation: Aging Across the States. Adviser: Peggy Chang
  2. Frank Rinaldi – Remembering Africa: The Role of Memory in Shaping the Possibilities for Development. Adviser: Anthony Bogues
  3. Saskia Brechenmacher – Memory Wars in Divided Societies: The Political Uses of the Past in Contemporary Ukraine. Adviser: Linda Cook
  4. Charles Pletcher – Memory and the Construction of the Self. Adviser: Pura Nieto-Hernandez

4:00-6:00pm | Poster Session (Leung Gallery, Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center)

  1. Amit Jain (and Nabeel Gillani) – Learning Exchange: Finding new ways to motivate students to learn. Adviser: Oludurotimi Adetunji
  2. Annika Finne – Investigating Authenticity: the Authorship of Anna Zborowska. Adviser: Evelyn Lincoln
  3. Caitlin Conn – Marketing Mindset: Harnessing Psychology for Green Change. Adviser: Kai Morrell
  4. Chishio FurukawaCan solar lamps replace kerosene candles and improve health, education, and safety of non-electrified households? – Evidence from Uganda. Adviser: Andrew Foster
  5. Frankie CamachoCompressed Sensing and Its Applications to MRI reconstruction. Adviser: Jan Hesthaven
  6. Graciela KincaidNo Talk, Some Walk: Obama Administration Rhetoric on Climate Change and its International Climate Finance CommitmentsAdviser: J. Timmons Roberts
  7. Indu VorugantiDevelopment of fluorescent probes for gene expression analysis and purification of heterogeneous mesenchymal stem cell populations. Adviser: Minoo Ramanathan
  8. Innessa ColaiacovoNot Just the Facts: Asylum Determinations of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (2006-2010). Adviser: Rachel Friedberg
  9. Jean Hazel B. Mendoza – Song of New York: A Photographic Essay
  10. Jennifer JuSerotonin Signaling and Sleep in Caenorhabditis elegans. Adviser: Anne Hart
  11. José M. Rodriguez – Microenterprises: the Dominican entrepreneurial experience in Los Ciruelito, DR and Providence, RI. Adviser: Jose Itzigsohn, Pedro Dal Bo
  12. Kathryn Ries Tringale – Towards the Optimal Design of an Assistive Communication Device. Adviser: Leigh Hochberg
  13. MariaLisa S. M. ItzoeEffects of Music on Measures of Arousal, Mood, Attention and Memory: An Age Related Study. Adviser: Elena Festa-Martino
  14. Marie DeLucaTraumatic Brain Injury and Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures.. Adviser: William Curt LaFrance Jr.
  15. Michael Wagman – Numerical Simulations of Turduckened Black Holes. Adviser: Jan Hesthaven
  16. Nabeel Gillani (and Amit Jain) – Learning Exchange: Finding new ways to motivate students to learn. Adviser: Oludurotimi Adetunji
  17. Nadejda DrenskaNumerical Approximation of Spectra for Localized Oscillatory Structures. Adviser: Bjorn Sandstede
  18. Sarah RutherfordHow We Evaluate Political Philosophies: The Relationship between Philosophers’ Gender Values and Brown University Students’ Opinions of Their Philosophies. Adviser: Michael Tesler
  19. Theresa Lii – Pain and Hypersensitivity: Investigating Key Regulators of Membrane Excitability in Sensory Neurons Adviser: Peter A. McNaughton
  20. Thunwa (Nics) Theerakarn – Regularity of center manifolds via the graph transform. Adviser: Bjorn Sandstede

6:00-7:30pm Closing Reception & Synergy Award Presentation with Dean Katherine Bergeron (Petteruti Lounge, Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center)

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