Guidelines for Poster Presentations

TIA participants have the option to present their work during a poster session that will take place on the final day of the conference. Posters will be grouped by a particular theme, assigned according to the applicant’s preference and selection committee’s decision.

  •  All presenters will attend a mandatory training session on April 8th. The training is held for both panel and poster presenters and will include faculty guest speakers and information about developing effective presentation skills.
  • Poster presenters are highly encouraged to meet with other poster presenters to practice their presentations before April 18th.
  • By April 18th, poster presenters should submit the titles for their presentations, as they will appear in the conference program.
  • Poster presenters  should have their posters printed and submitted to the Curricular Resource Center by Wednesday, April 25th.  (We are pleased to say that we can pay for the printing of posters done through Metcalf!)
  • The poster session will take place from 4-6pm in Leung Gallery on Saturday, April 28th.  During that poster session, each presenter will have an opportunity to speak to the entire audience for a 3-4 minute presentation.  Following the presentations, there will be an opportunity for audience members to mingle with poster presenters and ask individual questions

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