should I apply?

For the purpose of this conference, a capstone project may include the following:
• Independent study
• Thesis
• Campus or National Fellowship
• Department Prize Winner
• Grant Project (Creative Arts Council, Research at Brown, etc.)
• Art installation
• Final Theater/Dance/Vocal Performance
• Community Service Project (Swearer Center Coordinator, etc.)
• Long-Term Event Coordinator (Heritage Months & Weeks, etc.)
* Long-Term student group leader (BRYTE, EcoReps, Lecture Board, etc.)

Selection Criteria:
• Demonstrates fascinating and unique work that inspires and motivates its audience.
• Appeals to not only members of academia, but also to peers, scholars, and community members outside of its academic discipline or interest area.
• Has potential for a compelling presentation that will resonate with and engage members of the Brown/Providence community.
• Applicant displays written/communication skills necessary for an eloquent and moving presentation.


About browncrc

Welcome to the Brown Curricular Resource Center Blog! The Curricular Resource Center is a place where undergraduates advise each other about how to best engage with Brown's curriculum and utilize its academic resources. Student coordinators share their expertise with their peers, advising about proposing and implementing independent study projects, finding experiential learning opportunities away from Brown, leave taking, planning for life after graduation, and maximizing the campus's resources. Here you will find postings of upcoming CRC events, announcements of independent study and leavetaking opportunities, and student features sharing experiences being involved in CRC programs. Scroll through and see what the Curricular Resource Center is doing for Brown students throughout campus!
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