Did you attend the conference? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback on any event, session, or the conference as a whole.

Viewing the site without having gone to the conference? Many of the presentations are on our site, linked in the conference schedule or under the presenter’s name.

Did you present? Post reflections about your experiences or useful links related to your project.


About browncrc

Welcome to the Brown Curricular Resource Center Blog! The Curricular Resource Center is a place where undergraduates advise each other about how to best engage with Brown's curriculum and utilize its academic resources. Student coordinators share their expertise with their peers, advising about proposing and implementing independent study projects, finding experiential learning opportunities away from Brown, leave taking, planning for life after graduation, and maximizing the campus's resources. Here you will find postings of upcoming CRC events, announcements of independent study and leavetaking opportunities, and student features sharing experiences being involved in CRC programs. Scroll through and see what the Curricular Resource Center is doing for Brown students throughout campus!
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  1. browncrc says:

    I’m proud of the work the TIA presenters have done. And a special shout out to TIA 2011 student coordinators Kira Feldman ’11 and Ryan Lester ’11!

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  3. Amazing site yours sincerely, Lonnie Leander

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