Carolyn Brown ’11

I am a senior concentrating in Human Biology and pursuing a career in public health.  I conducted thesis research on barriers to prenatal care in American Samoa, teach comprehensive sexual education classes at a local Providence high school, and started a student group at Brown called Nourish International which aims to alleviate poverty by partnering abroad on sustainable development projects.  Next year I will work as a field researcher on a study in Tanzania examining the efficacy of vitamin A supplementation to decrease neonatal mortality.

Adequate and timely prenatal care is critical for both the health of the unborn child and the mother.  In order to understand the barriers to prenatal care in American Samoa, an island with high rates of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and gestational diabetes in particular, I conducted surveys and personal interviews with pregnant women in prenatal clinics. I examined various potential barriers and conducted data analysis to determine which significantly impact the ability of women in this population to receive adequate prenatal care in these clinics.

Carolyn Brown’s Thesis Presentation


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