Thurs. 4.28: Seeing Through Multiple Lenses | Engaged Pedagogy

7:00-9:00pm, Petteruti Lounge

Facilitator: Katrin Dettmer, PhD candidate, German Studies

  1. Cydney Dupree – Facilitation of Visual Perspective Taking: The Effect of Observing Goal-Directed Actions. Sponsor: Bertram Malle
  2. Douglas Eacho – Stand and Unfold Yourself: Experience, Performance, and Hamlet. Sponsor: Kym Moore
  3. Benjamin Hyman – Translating Salome: The Queer Critical Legacy of Oscar Wilde. Sponsor: Karen Newman
  4. Jungmin Lee – Modes of Exhibition as Mediated Space: Projection Installation as Spectatorial Frame. Sponsor: Anthony Cokes
8:00-8:50pm Engaged Pedagogy

Facilitator: Rick Benjamin, Adjunct Lecturer, Environmental Studies

1. Kira Feldman, Kai Morrell, Amina Sheikh, Kayla Urquidi – Engaged Pedagogy & the Urban Education Semester in NYC. Sponsor: Peggy Chang
2. Jeffrey Bauer, Zunaira Choudhary, Maura Pavalow, Nathaniel Shelley-Reade, Hana Ward   – Teaching & Learning Outside the Classroom in Elementary Programs in Providence. Sponsor: Dilania Inoa
3. Lindsay Priam – Who’s Participating? Sponsor: Gregory Elliott

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