Sat. 4.30: 12 group sessions | meals for presenters

12:00-1:00pm   Breakfast for participants, Leung Gallery

1:30-5:30pm   Campus Center & Salomon Hall


Adolescent Culture (Salomon 202)
Facilitator: Erika Alexander, PhD candidate Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences

  1. Jacob Combs – Adolescence as Adaptation in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. Sponsor: Coppélia Kahn
  2. Anne Fuller – Follow-Up Treatment Utilization by Hospitalized Suicidal Adolescents. Sponsor: Shirley Yen
  3. Kelly Schryver – Facebook, Friends, and Photos: Teen Girls’ Online Presentation and Social Comparison. Sponsor: Maureen Sigler

Evaluating Planet Earth (Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center)
Facilitator: Jim Amspacher, Career Advisor, Career Development Center

  1. Jennifer Adler – Decomposition in Salt Marshes: Implications for Sea Level Rise. Sponsor: Heather Leslie.
  2. Marshall Moore – Inferring Environmental Conditions from Organic Molecules in Soils. Sponsor: Yongsong Huang
  3. Sarah Rosengard – The Early Eocene Climactic Optimum: An environmental snapshot within Earth’s latest hothouse. Sponsor: Jessica Whiteside
  4. Cecilia Springer – Poisonous Regulations: Evaluating the Toxicity of a New Flame-Retarding Chemical. Sponsor: Kim Boekelheide

Understanding Providence (Salomon 203)
Facilitator: Alan Flam, Director of Advising & Community Collaborations, Swearer Center

1. Gene Goldstein-Plesser – Keeping it Real: Searching for Significance, Authenticity, and Integrity in Three Providence Place Conflicts. Sponsor: Samuel Zipp
2. Elise Nuding – Experience insites: Fragmentation and place making in Providence urban landscape. Sponsor: Susan Alcock
3. Minoo Ramanathan – Refugee Resettlement in South Providence Independent Study to Community Initiative. Sponsor: Robert Kohn


Community and Global Health (Salomon 203)
Facilitator: Shane Lloyd, public health masters candidate

  1. Carolyn Brown – Barriers to Prenatal Care in American Samoa. Sponsor: Stephen McGarvey.
  2. Colette DeJong – Bridging the Gaps in HIV Care: The Translation of Partners In Healths’ PACT Program in New York City and the Politics of Scaling Up. Sponsor: Daniel J. Smith
  3. Lauren Pischel–The Search for a Pediatric Malaria Vaccine. Sponsor: Jonathan Kurtis
  4. Gaurie Tilak– International Aids Relief. Sponsor: Ken Mayer

Perspectives on Incarceration (Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center)
Facilitator: Janet Isserlis, Lecturer in Race and Ethnic Studies, Swearer Center

  1. Perie Reiko Koyama – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Status of Education within Pre-Trial Juvenile Detention Centers. Sponsor: Kenneth Wong
  2. Arthur Matuszewski – Prisons, Labor and the American Project. Sponsor: Sheila Bonde
  3. Laura D. Pacifici – Disproportionately Detained: Pathways to Reforming Rhode Island’s Juvenile Justice System to Reduce Minority Contact. Sponsor: Ross Cheit
  4. Rachel Simon–Positive Behavior Change among Incarcerated, Substance-Using Women. Sponsor: Jennifer Clarke

Poetic Relationships (Memorial Room, Campus Center)
Facilitator: Linda Dunleavy, Associate Dean of the College

1. Lindsay BabbittAmy, Emily, and I: Three Stories About Relationship. Sponsor: Meredith Steinbach
2. Shana Tinkle – Poetry Sounded. Sponsor: C.D. Wright


Digital Expression (Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center)
Facilitator: Brandy Monk-Payton, PhD student, Modern Culture and Media

1. Sean Michael Feiner – The Discipline of Gaming: The Ethics and Design of Affective Labor. Sponsor: Wendy Chun
2. Ioana Jucan – Traces on Yesterday’s Faces. Sponsor: Wendy Chun
3. Alicia Cepeda Maule –The Making of a Multimedia Website: Sponsor: Karen Baxter

On the Margins of Political Power (Salomon 202)
Facilitator: Nukhet Sandal, Visiting Fellow, Watson Institute for International Studies

  1. Arielle Balbus – “Pachamama o muerte”:  Understanding the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.  Sponsor: Timmons Roberts
  2. Harris Li – Japan’s Language and Social Policies toward Linguistic Minorities and their Effects on the Successful Integration of Linguistic Minorities into Japanese Society. Sponsor: Masako Fidler
  3. Shanoor Seervai – Explaining the Persistance and Decline of Separatist Movements: The Case of India. Sponsor: Ashutosh Varshney
  4. Haydar Taygun – Political Economy of Energy Hubs: The Case of Turkey. Sponsor: Pauline Luong

Participation and Representation in American Democracy: Political Campaigns and Methods (Salomon 203)
Facilitator: David Blanding, PhD candidate Political Science

  1. Madeline Meth – Locating the Rhetoric of Party Nominating Conventions on the Map From Conflict to Consensus. Sponsor: Roger Cobb
  2. Alyssa Ratledge – Online Voter Registration: A Diffusion of Innovation. Sponsor: Susan Moffitt
  3. Christiana Stephenson – Popular Music and Affect in the Race for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Sponsor: Dana Gooley


Border Crossing / State and Identity Politics (Salomon 203)
Faciltator: Gail Cohee, Director, Sarah Doyle Women’s Center

1. Huong Alicia Dang – Determinants of Postcolonial Migrants’ Transnational Participation in Countries of Origin: Vietnam and Algeria in France. Sponsor: David Lindstrom
2. Monica N. Garcia – Human(e) Borders: Tracking Interventions in the U.S. Borderlands. Sponsor: Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
3. Joshua Michael Marcotte – The Portuguese Linguistic Influence in the Asian Seas and its Historical/Global Repercussions. Sponsor: Leonor Simas-Almeida

Intersecting Modes of Knowledge (Memorial Room, Campus Center)
Facilitator: David Blanding, PhD candidate Political Science

  1. Gabriela Carmago & Tanmay Misra – Detangling Theory and Politics. Sponsor: Wendy Chun
  2. Kyle Lemle – Negotiating Traditional and Scientific Environmental Epistemologies: A Case Study on Community Forestry in Bhutan. Sponsor: Geri Augusto
  3. Harrison Stark – Is There a Military-Archaeology Complex? Sponsor: Susan Alcock

Theories of Change (Petteruti Lounge, Campus Center)
Facilitator: Christian Soto, degree candidate, Public Policy

  1. Molly Cousins – Nonprofit Networks in Roxbury. Sponsor: Samuel Zipp
  2. Sophie Fuchs*, Samuel Kinsman, Bridget McGinn*, Michelle Nguyen*, Rie Ohta – Tools for Global Development (*seniors). Sponsor: Christopher Bull
  3. Katie Gannett – Bridging National and Cultural Differences through Sport: The Case of the Football for Hope Festival 2010. Sponsor: Stephen McGarvey
  4. Matt Severson – The School Fund: Bringing the Sponsor a Student Model Into the 21st Century. Sponsor: Alan Harlam

6:00-8:00pm, Faculty Club: Closing Dinner for participants, advisers & conference planners

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