It took a village…

. . . to produce TIA 2011:

Selection committee: Rick Benjamin, Claudia Elliott, Janet Isserlis, Minoo Ramanathan ’11, Leigh Tarantino, Jan Tullis, Gary Wessel.

Steering committee: Shelley Adriance, Lauren Pischel ’11, Besenia Rodriguez ’00, Sarah Rosengard ’11, Patricia Sobral, Elmo Terry-Morgan, Blayne Tesfaye ’11.

Workshop session trainers: Ken Miller, Ian Russell, University Keystone (Huong Alicia Dang ’11, Arune Gulati ’11, Reiko Koyama ’11, Lauren Pischel ’11, Sarah Rosengard ’11).

Group session facilitators: Erika Alexander, Jim Amspacher, Rick Benjamin, David Blanding, Gail Cohee, Katrin Dettmer, Linda Dunleavy, Alan Flam, Janet Isserlis, Shane Lloyd, Brandy Monk-Payton, Nukhet Sandal, Chris Soto.

Print & electronic media: Jessica Brodsky ’14, Amina Sheikh ’11.

Music: Michael Mount ‘12.5.

Special thanks to: Jabbar Bennett, Katherine Bergeron, Cheryl Carberry & the Faculty Club, CRC staffers, Cherrie & Events Support, Helio & Facilities Management Campus Center staff, Alan Flam, Julia Flanders/John Melson/Digital Scholarship class, Kathleen Fonesca & Brown Catering, Ricky Gresh, Stephen Lassonde, Ron and Ryan & Media Technology Services, Media Production Group, Metcalf Copy Center (especially Dave & Tiziana), Janice Rego, Barbara Sardy, Swearer Center for Public Service, Kisa Takesue.

With our sincerest appreciation,
The Theories in Action Team
(Kira Feldman ’11, Ryan Lester ’11, Peggy Chang)


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