Fri. 4.29: poster session | opening reception | keynote with Professor Corey D. B. Walker

4:00-6:30 pm, Leung Gallery

4:00-6:00pm Poster presentations & conference opening reception

  1. Samura Atallah – Education, Critical Thinking, and Terrorism: The Reproduction of Global Salafi Jihad in Contemporary Egypt. Sponsors: Pauline Luong & Geri Augusto
  2. Jason Beckman – Adventures in Armadilloland: Translating Inuo Taguchi’s Armadillogic. Sponsor: Forrest Gander
  3. Eric H. Lee – Child and Adolescent Stress Reactivity as a Function of Body Mass Index. Sponsor: Laura Stroud.
  4. Sharon V. Makava – Microchip Diagnostics for HIV: Development of Sample Isolation, Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection Methods. Sponsor: Anubhav Tripathi
  5. Jessica Man – Myelin Integrity Predicts Activities of Daily Living in Alzheimer’s Disease. Sponsor: Stephen Correia
  6. Arthur Matuszewski – Prisons, Labor and the American Project. Sponsor: Sheila Bonde
  7. Talisha Ramchal – Analyzing Neurite Outgrowth and Behavior on Schwann Cell Inspired Topographies. Sponsor: Diane Hoffman-Kim
  8. Andrew Seiden – Global Food Trade, The Nutrition Transition, and Health Outcomes in
    the Pacific: Fat and Energy Import Trends and Body Mass Index in The Independent State of Samoa, 1961-2007. Sponsor: Stephen McGarvey
  9. Katerina Wright – Eyeing Prestige, Eluding Risk: Explaining European Union Security Missions and Operations. Sponsor: Ulrich Krotz
  10. Campus Life Student Leadership Awards (presented by Shelley Adriance, Assistant Director, Student Activities Office)

Corey D.B. Walker, Associate Professor, Africana Studies

Guitarist:  Michael Mount ‘12.5

Refreshments provided by Brown Catering